xDollar Weekly Summary #6

Welcome to the Weekly Summary, a weekly series where we go over all of the highlights in the xDollar ecosystem. This issue covers the week of 7/19–7/25.

What is xDollar? xDollar is a decentralized cross-chain lending platform that allows anyone to draw 0% interest loans against $MATIC as collateral with 110% lowest collateral ratio on Polygon network. Learn more here.

Platform Overview

Dune Analytics created by Leifu, our xAdopter.

The platform has secured more than $5.75M TVL in dollars. XDO token circulating is only about 1M emitted from the internal and external pools which are about 1% of the total token max cap of 100M.

Recent Announcements

Items under the pipeline

  • xUSD stablecoin LP pool on Kyber network is expected to be launched with XDO reward next week. Fine tuning the pool parameters with Kyber team to maximize the capital efficiency.
  • xDollar v2 platform is under development with backend is done and auditing underway. The xDollar team is working on frontend integration and a whole new web interface for xDollar v2. Welcomes community discussion on which type of collateral is to be added on the community-suggestion discord channel.

Community growth

#XDOers Call For Help

We are XDOers, a community-driven project and calling help from xCommunity. If you have great ideas, suggestions, and connections to help growing xDollar in following areas:

  • Increase TVL of xDollar
  • Increase use cases of xUSD
  • Increase XDO token value
  • Increase public awareness of xDollar
  • Increase community growth

We would love to hear all from you. Here’s so far we have reached out with your love and support. In near future, we would launch an incentive-based system for xMembers who contribute to xDollar.

Suggestions — Send them on our Discord partnership channel

Community Contribution

  • xDollar Meme Contest is initiated by xCommunity member, Sumanth Sparky and welcome any talented content creators to xDollar community. Please read more in the post below https://xdollarfi.medium.com/xdollar-meme-contest-initiated-by-xcommunity-b2c743bcaa4a
  • xAdopter, alvinkhan1 initiated liquidity experiments on Kyber and Balancer to test the liquidity of xUSD and XDO which demonstrates that the capital efficiency of Kyber and creative balance of Balancer for different liquidity scenarios.
  • xCommunity moderator, jeffrey introduced the team to Kyber and Beluga Finance with potential collaboration undergoing.
  • xAdopter, Leifu boosted the server with his generous monthly subscription to discord for enabling more emojis and other functionality. He was awarded with addition server booster pink role.
  • 币圈老韭菜 made a detailed overview of xDollar and demo on app go-through in Mandarin on his Youtube Channel.
  • Cryptology made an introduction to xDollar on his Youtube Channel.
    xUSD-MATIC & xUSD-Dfyn Farming Tutorial Video
    xUSD-USDC Farming Tutorial Video
    xDollar arb strategy
    xDollar XDO Bridge Tutorial
  • Leifu contributed to develop a data analytics and visualization of xDollar platform hosted on Dune analytics here.

Learn more about xDollar and get involved in the community

Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Docs



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First Cross Chain Interest-free Borrowing Platform based on Liquity protocol.