xDollar V1 XDO Migration —Claiming SPACE is live on IoTeX now!

2 min readApr 1, 2022


Dear SPACE travelers,

First of all, I would represent on behalf of xDollar team to express our gratitude for your patience. I am glad to announce that the xDollar v1 migration is ready for our early supporters to claim their SPACE token at IoTeX blockchain on 3/31/2022. The SPACE claiming site is live now and you can go to the xAirdrop link and claim your SPACE token!

xDollar v1 migration has been long waited in our community and now it’s the time to launch migration process in anticipating Cambrian explosion of IoTeX ecosystem with their 100M Ecosystem Fund.

SPACE Claiming Eligibility

SPACE claiming will be eligible for

  1. those wallet address that contained XDO token on Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum and Ethereum,
  2. XDO staking pool rewards (Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum),
  3. xUSD stability pool rewards (Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum), and
  4. MCN XDO farms (please unstake your XDO from the MCN XDO farms if you haven’t do so)

SPACE token will be claimed on IoTeX blockchain on 03/31/2022 on a 1 XDO:10 SPACE basis with a 12 month vesting period (linearly vested).

SPACE Claiming Instruction

  1. Please go to xDollar v2 frontend on IoTeX by clicking the link here
  2. If you are eligible for SPACE airdrop as mentioned above, you will see your SPACE amount to be unlocked. You can start claiming your SPACE after seven days as there is a vesting schedule of 365 days.

SPACE & xSPACE Token Utility

SPACE is governance token of xDollar while xSPACE is vote escrowed version of SPACE token which shares protocol revenue and voting rights. In the past weeks, we have airdropped protocol revenue back to xSPACE holders and will continue to airdrop protocol revenue. As of now, the team will distribute 50% of earned protocol revenue to xSPACE token holders. In near future, xSPACE holders can propose and vote on any xDollar improvement plans including adjusting the portion of protocol revenue sharing.

Zero Borrowing Fee Campaign

As a token appreciation for your continual support and love, we have launched Zero Borrowing Fee Campaign to our community members who open WIOTX, USDT, BUSD_b troves on IoTeX. You can find more information about the campaign here on the medium post.


Lastly, thanks again for your support. Let’s grow together with xDollar DAO to grow the adoption of #1 xDollar interverse money (XIM) across DeFi, NFT, DAO, MachineFi and Web3 applications.

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