xDollar Spaceship Story: Connecting Stars with MCN

Dear xCommunity,

This is a letter to my dearest xDollar community members who are with us since the born of xDollar on Polygon. We are grateful for having you all on board with the XDO spaceship to explore the endless possibility of the DeFI galaxy.

Today marks another significant milestone of xDollar. Earlier, we launched XDO Mission I to send XDO to ETH planet via Anyswap spacecraft. Now I am proudly announced that the XDO is landed safely on ETH planet and get ready for XDO settlement on MCN multiple rewards farm on Saturday, July 24 at 20:00 GMT. Learn more about how to mine XDO & MCN token here.

This is one small step for XDO, one giant leap for xDollar. — Captain xDoer

The Born of xDollar

We are not ashamed to start as a fork of Liquity protocol that born on ETH planet. But, we are not done our journey being called as a fork on Polygon planet. Our story doesn’t stop here and we are dedicated to innovate on top of the giant shoulder, inheriting what’s good yet improving what’s best for the project longevity. xDollar aggregates top talents from top research universities, tech firms, financial institutions, key opinion leaders in the crypto space to make DeFI experience accessible for all.

We have talked to a lot of people in the space, sometimes being ignored for being another small project and yet there are still a few kind souls do see the differences in xDollar and believe in our mission to become a leading player in collaterized stablecoin market eventually.

The Magical Power of Community

Inspired by SushiSwap story, we are taught that a project with community centric focus and product innovation spirit can eventually decide its own destiny without being called a fork anymore.

As the captain of the spaceship, I am proud of the journey we embarked on Polygon planet since a month ago. We learn a lot everyday in the planet and the greatest gift we receive is the community we gather in xDollar. We feel motivated by a group of same alike mind come together in the space to grow the xDollar.

Connecting Stars with MCN

Now it’s right time to empower xDollar’s mission with MCN, a decentralized venture fund of cross-chain vision with tokenomics bootstrapping community and fund growth. Today, xDollar is integrating into MCN ecosystem and being the first star in the system as a collateral based stablecoin minting platform. Soon, xDollar will connect with other stars within MCN ecosystem to become a unified decentralized DeFI galaxy.

<Insert POAP Design>

XDO Space Mission I POAP

As a souvenir to remember this XDO space exploration milestone, we are launching XDO Space Mission I POAP giveaway campaign for those who interact contracts with farm.mcn.ventures during the entire farming period.

“The more and longer you stack, the more you get.” — Captain xDoer

Last but not least, xDollar’s space exploration journey is just beginning. Stay tune for more updates from xDollar.

With passion & love,

Captain xDoer

Learn more about xDollar and get involved in the community

Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Docs | Website

Learn more about MCN and get involved in the community

Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Website




First Cross Chain Interest-free Borrowing Platform based on Liquity protocol.

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First Cross Chain Interest-free Borrowing Platform based on Liquity protocol.

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