xDollar <> Iron — Why Ironswap is ideal for xUSD swap

IronSwap & xUSD: Building Cross-Protocol Synergy for Polygon Stablecoins

Iron.finance recently made a medium article how both xDollar and IronSwap is building cross-protocol synergy for Polygon Stablecoins. You may read more about the article here.

In this article, I am highlighting why IronSwap is ideal for xUSD swap. First, let go over what’s IronSwap and the three benefits to xUSD users.


The IronSwap is an automated market-maker (AMM) product tailor-made for stablecoin swaps. Similar to Curve, it allows users to pair together coins with equal peg values, and profit from incurred trading fees. Unlike other AMMs like Quickswap and Sushi, StableSwap bonding curves are optimized for stablecoin trading — enabling users to swap their coins with 100x capital efficiency to avoid price slippage. In addition, StableSwap charges a mere 0.02% fee — the lowest on the whole Polygon network!

Benefit 1: Lower Swap Fees & Smaller Slippage

With this launch, xUSD users are tapping into nearly $270M of stablecoin liquidity consisting of USDC, USDT and DAI tokens (the IronSwap 3stables pool). This will enable xUSD users to swap at 10X lower swap fees and up to 100X smaller slippage compared to other DEXes like QuickSwap and SushiSwap on the Polygon network!

Benefit 2: Community Cross-Exposure

Iron.finance has developed its community and social media since beginning. By statistics, Iron has about 29.9K twitter followers, 10.2K discord members and 2.1K medium subscribers. Thereby, xUSD listing on IronSwap is an indirect marketing and project exposure for IronSwap users.

Benefit 3: Cross-Chain Collaboration beyond IronSwap

Iron.finance is known with their roadmap to launch IronLend and Iron stablecoin to complete the fundamental legos of DeFI ecosystem — DEX, Lending and stablecoin. In the same time, Iron.finance also share cross-chain vision which alligns with xDollar. There are more product and cross chain collaboration beyond IronSwap.

Last but no least, I am looking forward to the launch of xUSD on IronSwap on 6th August, 2021 and following by xUSD-I3USD XDO farming pool. The details of xUSD-I3USD XDO farming pool is to be released soon.

With passion & love,

Captain X

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