xDollar <> DFYN Dual Farm & xPartner POAP Series

xUSD/DFYN LP Dual Reward Farming

  • Pair xUSD and DFYN on DFYN Liquidity Pool.
  • Users would be able to receive XDO and DFYN for 60 days.
  • Start Date: 3.30PM UTC June 29, 2021
  • End Date: 3.30PM UTC August 28, 2021
  1. Follow the xDollar Twitter & Dfyn Twitter
  2. Join the xDollar Discord Group
  3. Join the xDollar Telegram Group & Dfyn Telegram Group
  4. Retweet the xDollar <> Dfyn xPartner POAP Series
  5. Deposit xUSD-DFYN LP on Dual Farm for at least 10 days
  6. The top 50 xUSD-DFYN liquidity provider in 2 weeks period will be qualified
  7. The top 50 xUSD-DFYN highest volume trader in 2 weeks period will be qualified
  8. Your exclusive XDO-DFYN xPartner POAP will be airdropped to your specified wallet on bi-weekly basis until the dual farm reward ends.

About Dfyn Network:

About xDollar



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