Star Story behind xUSD-I3USD LP on IronSwap

IronSwap :

xUSD-I3USD is now live on IronSwap, the Iron Finance stablecoin swap product. It is an automated market maker (AMM) specialized for fast and efficient stablecoin swapping at the best rates with the lowest fees and smallest slippage on the Polygon network.

And on 8PM UTC, 2021/08/07 — xDollar is releasing XDO rewards to xUSD-I3USD stablecoin LP pool on GYSR, an open platform for on-chain incentives. And you may stake the xUSD-I3USD LP liquidity in advance by following through this article.

Image Source: Iron.Finance Medium Article

Star Story behind xUSD-I3USD LP on IronSwap

Since launch, we put priority on expanding the use cases of xUSD as well as xUSD’s liquidity with a series xCHAIN alliance partnership which shares a similar cross-chain vision andbelieve in the vision of xDollar to be next generation of collateral based stablecoin in this DeFI universe.

You can learn more about xUSD partnership document here on Iron.Finance document here.

We are blessed to have Iron.Finance star onboarding with xDollar in this multi-planetary DeFI space exploration. The team and community are always putting xDollar first to explore what’s best for the platform’s growth in adoption, use cases and liquidity of our stablecoin, xUSD.

Thereby, xDollar team is motivated to provide XDO incentive on IronSwap xUSD-I3USD stablecoin LP pool for next 30 days for encouraging deep liquidity and lower fee/slippage for a better stablecoin swapping user experience.

What is different for this farming pool is we are hosting XDO farming pool on GYSR, an on-chain incentive pool creation and management protocol. Noted that this pool is for long term stackers and any liquidity withdrawal would get less rewards as typical farming pool.

xUSD-I3USD Iron LP Provider POAP Series

Exclusive xDollar LP Provider Series for xUSD-I3USD

As a digital record to remember the xUSD-I3USD Iron LP listing milestone, we are launching xUSD-I3USD Iron LP Provider POAP giveaway campaign for those who interact with contracts with providing LP and farming on during the entire farming period. More details on this cool POAP are coming next week!

Now are you getting excited to start your journey with xDollar? You can learn more on how to deposit and farm xUSD-I3USD LP here.

Lastly, xDollar’s liquidity expansion journey is just beginning. Let’s get ready to stake MATIC and mint xUSD to hop on the new wave of xUSD minting. Stay tune for more updates from xDollar. We have more partnerships announcement coming soon!

With passion & love,

Captain X

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