It’s time to shed light on xDollar Version 2 (V2) launch plan including how we will transition from xDollar V1 to xDollar V2, which is a chain agnostic multi-collateral stablecoin lending protocol. The good news is that xDollar V2 is around the corner and we are under the final round…

We’re excited to announce that xDollar — a multi-chain, multi-collateral, 0%-interest-rate stablecoin lending protocol — has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum mainnets. By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, xDollar has access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds needed to help secure the operation of our cross-chain…

Initiated by community member for xDollar community.

We are excited to announce the official launch of xDollar Ambassador Program to engage and promote xDollar to mass DeFI users.

What is xDollar?

xDollar is an interest free lending platform that users can borrow decentralized stablecoin, xUSD against crypto asset collateral on Polygon with a…


First Cross Chain Interest-free Borrowing Platform based on Liquity protocol.

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